Marotta and Paratici, along with sporting director of the youth sector to Rossi and managing director Gianluca Pessotto are studying models of Barcelona and Ajax to transform the youth sector in a real ‘black and white quarry’.

The aim is “to create a training model, to establish working methods and objectives” this is the aim of Mauro Sandreani, former coach of Padova and Turin, who in the coming hours will become the coordinator of youth coaches. In essence, the former chief of observers will give instructions to colleagues about the exercises and training methods, which will be the same for all teams, from Primavera to Beginners.
“The same as Ajax and Barca, each team can not think independently – Sandreani explains to ‘Gazzetta’ -. For this Thursday, 3-4 teams, from the very young to the Primavera, will train together. Off the field, we’ll bet a lot of sense of belonging, work culture and a winning mentality” 
In addition, for the first time there will be Juventus Under 8: with the Project First Kicks with Juventus, Juve will give his shirt to 300 children aged 5 to 8 years.