Wives and oxen from your country is a archaic proverb, and is a result of an old mentality and certainly not in step with the times. But wives and oxen from your own country is still a powerful concept in Corso Galileo Ferraris. A balance principle in the minds of Juventus leaders. After putting up new men at the management of Juventus, in fact, the match report tells us about the buying of a single foreign player bought from a foreign team in the two transfermarket sessions, summer and winter: Krasic. The winger taken from CSKA Moscow is the only player who has nothing to do with Italia. Neither a passport, nor the club where he come from.

Between summer 2010 and January 2011, the teams from which Paratici and Marotta bought players are Bari, Parma, Napoli, Milan, Udinese, Cagliari, Genoa, Catania. All members of the Serie A. The only exceptions, apart from Krasic case, are Liverpool and Wolfsburg. But in that case the Italian deal is given by the Italian players, Aquilani and Barzagli from England and Germany. In the entry loans without rights or obligations of transfer there is only Traore from Arsenal came to thicken a bit the left wing but lost in the maze of the dressing rooms of Vinovo during the season and maybe to give a touch of globalization to the bianconero transfermarket .

But the reason for wanting exclusively this fierce on the Italian transfer-market is only a choice of history and pride? Juve’s image abroad is really still that of the past? Even at the beginning of this summer transfer-market we see the Bianconeri taking home the “Italian products” and remaining one step behind from the foreign transfer-market. From Piazon, courted and then seeing him happy to talk with managers in London (Chelsea, ed), to Aguero, Benzema and Higuain through. All other leagues star who could choose to wear our shirt in the next year, none would pull out first of the drawer the bianconero shirt. Another question on Juventus strategies is the choice, taken away the attempt not to convincing also from the above-mentioned Piazon, not to follow and not to focus on young players emerging from other leagues. You do not hear nor ever read about “Juve on Hazard“, “Juventus-Sahin, there is contact”. These young talents are followed by half of Europe, Sahin has officially moved to Real Madrid, and scouters from all over the continent are constantly present at matches, training and practice match. But not from Juve made in Italy. The choice, desired or required, is to focus on other players.

Juve, needs to go on and win and convince everybody once again. Serves to herself, to the fans, and for the reconstruction of that vast and glorious image that accompanied the European and global campaigns.

(from sportmediaset)