Well … Marco as I said before you will have to work your ass out to prove all of us that you’re not just a pretty face 
VINOVO (Turin), January 12, 2012 – Welcome to the intensive course. Yesterday Marco Borriello has witnessed the first tactic lesson of Antonio Conte, but he has not left from Vinovo with the headaches. On the enthusiasm with which he is facing the adventure with Juve, the desire for revenge and also the need to learn quickly to recover the months of lagging behind the other teammates. Under a almost sun… Roman, Borriello has participated in the exercises divided by departments. The strikers and midfielders have focused on the rapid exchange and shots on goal before working on a long offensive schemes. 

Borriello for Marchisio. It is these patterns are the basis for the choice of Juventus in buying Borriello. The Conte’s game asks a lot of work especially for the striker: not just the goal (of course) and search for depth, but also movements to raise up the team and especially to accommodate the entries with a horizontal inseritons of Marchisio and Vidal

The ways of scoring. Juventus comes to scoring following streets which are always different. The figures show: 28 goals (less than Milan and Naples), 11 different scorers (Matri, Vucinic, Quagliarella, Marchisio, Pepe, Vidal, but also Bonucci, Chiellini, Krasic, Lichsteiner and Estigarribia) the midfielders (including Pepe) more prolific of the strikers (15 goals to 10). No matter who scores, the team cames first of individuality, but all players move to release the shot of a teammate and the variety of patterns allows that. 

Matri on the left. For this work Borriello is ideal because he is technical and physical and over the years has developed a good tactical sense . It’s clear that for Marco the goal is a priority, otherwise he would not be a striker. Borriello, however, does not live only for personal satisfaction and is the classic striker who can be helpful even when he hasn’t a chance to shoot. Alessandro Matri, whose performance in the area has been confirmed, has different characteristics: looks for more depth, has great acceleration and ease of race that allow him to play even as a outer forward. It’s already happened at Cagliari, where in the middle played Acquafresca (or Nene) and Matri widened on the left. 

Together. This means that if necessary Matri and Borriello could also play together, but whereas in the 4-3-3 of Conte the outer forwards must sacrifice a lot, as evidenced by the tremendous commitment of Vucinic on the coverage. But for now, Alessandro and Marco are in alternative. 

Space for everyone. Sunday against Cagliari, in the penultimate day of the first half of the season, the starter will be Matri, while Borriello will be on the bench. Then will begin an intense period (with the Italian Cup quarterfinals and the midweek round of the championship) and there will be room for both. Matri and Borriello have the same goal: to play from beginning at the San Siro on February 26. Milan-Juventus, the evening of the championship. 

source: GdS by: G.B. Olivero
adapted by: Mike Prise