Antonio Conte has been explicitly hot after the match with Parma: 

“I did not like the referee in some episodes, of course, also the ‘system’ needs to get in shape.” 

 Meanwhile the “system” of broadcasting, since Sunday, gave a fine show with the usual thin and some chanting anti-Juventus edged the limits of fair play. 

 Rai has started well had in the flesh a “proper” interview with President Andrea Agnelli.But was not enough to give space to the President if a supposedly program of study as a “5 minutes of recovery,” the journalist (Carlo Paris) captious announced that “Juve have appealed to UEFA to exclude inter from competition ” (wrong : the action is to verify proper operation of the FIGC), and asks, “But your championships are 28 or 29” (wrong: at most 27 or 29 “), then move the deepening problems on a tight of Roma and Luis Enrique. 

 Then we continue with the Domenica Sportiva, the commentator Collovati dismantles the alleged 4-2-4 of Conte, other experts diminish the Juventus performance and the ironic Gnocchi after the unfortunate joke of the last week (“The problem is not where you put Vidal , so there is almost equal “), he puts another on Moggi’s Swiss SIM. In the studio the usual smiles of approval. 

 We pass from the alleged “servizio pubblico” to Mediaset, with the explosive action of The Defense Minister, La Russa that, instead talk on the goodness of his beloved inter breaks out in a series of epithets free society (“Agnelli is a liar obsessed with Inter, has no personality “), he dwells in the inaccurate judicial reconstructions (” Juve in a statement called for the exclusion of inter”) and historical truths quite daring (” inter did not win first, then won, while Juve after Moggi did not win anything, there was clearly an anomaly!), then concluding with the most classic leitmotif (“let bygones be bygones and let’s play”). Even in this case the alleged pundits in the studio tacitly approve. 

 Then all topped off with a precise position (Sky, Mediaset, Gazzetta, Corsport) right on the statements of Conte on the referee Celi , so we listen and read sentences like: 

 Bruno Longhi (Mediaset): 
“Here, we see Astori, which gives a nice punch to Matri, but not for a penalty-kick.” (speaks for himself). 
Francesco Ceniti (Gazzetta):
 “Juve: valid goal and penalty kick from Matri , but Conte complaints seem preventive.” (for Gazza are preventive complaints , and specious, and perhaps only Mourinho could afford those ). 

 Clearly, using the words of Conte, the “system” arbitration is still out of shape, but the media “system” is already in place and in the trenches.

by:Sandro Scarpa 
adapted by:Mike Prise