A team that respects herself, must follow certain precepts. The championship is long, and the directives issued by Antonio Conte should become a motto that resonates in perpetuity in the minds of future players. The organization of a team that can be considered as such, part of a series of points, many of which, if not all, of banal transcription but complicated to implement: 
– The defensive line – Last year, the defenders seemed to have completely lost their compass. Disastrous Bonucci, Chiellini mediocre compared to his standards, with only Barzagli to deserve a meager enough. The defensive line must start with the goalkeeper. With Buffon in form, the whole department would gain security, seeing the charisma and strength of which Gigi is capable of transmitting. The fullbacks have the freedom to push, but will recover quickly on defense, avoiding, being in non-possession, to tighten towards the center, not to overexpose the sides. The central defenders, on the occasion of the set pieces, will take advantage of the height of their aerial abilities. But at least one of them should stay behind, so that there may be to defend those who are not able to do so.
– Phosphorus and muscles: the midfield – The advent of Pirlo and Vidal, with Marchisio and Pazienza, makes the midfield a well-stocked department. The most difficult role par excellence, will be the crossroads of victory or success. Pirlo will ensure quality and phosphorus, and Vidal, or whoever, will necessarily have to watch his back. The right time will be needed especially for the wings to run in the service of Conte. The collaboration to the defense will be crucial, close wards and continuous double. The movements were taught from youth, it should be clear to professionals.  
– Wingers and attackers – The wingers wanted by Antonio Conte will insist on running and ruthlessness in attack. But an winger that is worthy of being considered as such, should also help out in midfield, allowing the two central midfielders to breathe. If Vucinic will be inspired by the delicious touches of Pirlo, Matri will necessarily should be served by the bands. Violent and sudden crosses are manna from heaven for the bianconero striker, also useful for work of the side where the legs of the midfielders won’t run. Vucinic is responsible for several attacks on the front,Vucinic has to open spaces and for the insertions of midfielders.
– Personality and vehement reaction – One of the fundamental traits of past Juve, was the lack of reaction in many negative circumstances. Out of fear or lack of technical means. This year, the experience of the 11 is higher than last year, giving in to the first goal conceded is to be submissive losers. The key players in this case will be dragged. Getting to reason even in the most complicated situations is the main objective. We can not and will not always be expected and only the master stroke of the champion (Del Piero). 
– Head of Provincial – Thinking Like a provincial helps. Enter the field aware of not being the strongest is a good ingredient so the concentration does not decline. Last year, many games have made ​​the wrong way since the haughty and irritating attitude with which we dealt with every match, even the seemingly simplest. The ideal secret is to lose respect of this dictum. Winning at home with mid-level teams is the secret to get through just fine. 
– The big match – the only happy note in past years. But at the same time the measuring meter of the failure. Gamble at par and to be better then the BIG for ninety minutes, it means being able to contend for a championship. But the correct attitudes should not depend only on the coat of the opponent. We must spit blood at all times, to close ranks to save effort, must be every single moment of the journey for the league title. 
– Messiah Conte– The coach must be indulged in every choice, even the most wicked. The media will create pressure, but within the squad must not betray anything. The coach has his own ideas that will put into practice. No one has the power to put a spanner in his work, especially his players. Doing so will help him work in peace to keep a cool head and shoulders broad enough to support a team from which we all are waiting so much. Daunting task, that of Mister Conte . 

source TMW 
adapted by: Mike Prise