TURIN, October 11, 2011 – Juventus the Old Lady: did not happen for some time and is not just a matter of results, but of attitude. Juve “makes” the game, determination, leadership, command. Then perhaps they do not win, but doesn’t allow herself to the margins, is not passive, is not speculative. The Bianconeri attack, press, runn. Especially run: and AC Milan, by dint of pursuing the various Marchisio, Vidal, Pepe and their companions, was breathless. 

Guidelines. It is no chance, but the fruit of the work and the project designed by Antonio Conte in the summer. Compared to last year the black and white athletic coaching staff has changed almost entirely: it was only the brilliant goalkeeping coach Claudio Filippi has stayed. The new coach has brought with him the deputy Angelo Alessio and field assistant Cristian Stellini. The trio has added another assistant Massimo Carrera. As for the athletic part Conte has left to the club to identify the right people: he has not insisted on having Giampiero Ventrone and has only asked preparatory in line with his philosophy and his idea of ​​having a team that can always go at high speed. 

What a race. The leaders have realized that the offensive and expensive game wanted by Conte needs a hard athletic work behind. And they have chosen Paolo Bertelli: 50 years, a past between Fiorentina, Udinese and Roma, in 2008 the prize as the best Physical preparator of Serie A and in particular the task of organizing the aerobic work of the team. In the tough summer training camp Bertelli has filled the tank of players with long and tiring race, even in American hot weather . “In summer we run like pigs”: he said a few days ago Claudio Marchisio to explain the excellent athletic condition of Juventus. The merit is of the work of Bertelli, who, following the signs of Conte pushed the players beyond their limits. 

 The Spanish and the teacher. But the aerobic quality is not enough to explain the sharp physical domination emerged in almost all the matches of Juventus. If the athletics difference against AC Milan was clear for ninety minutes, against Bologna (10 against 11 from halftime) and against Catania, bianconeri have grown significantly in the second half changing gear less bright than first. Is giving it’s fruits the work on the force, which is mainly carried out in the gym and that Conte considers essential to make the difference and reduce the technical gap from the big teams. And this work on power is entrusted to Julio Tous (Spanish, 39 years) who collaborated with Barcelona and with players like Rafa Nadal and Carlos Moya. Curiously, the site of Juve has no trace of Tous and of Professor Roberto Sassi (60 years, responsible for “Training Check ‘experiences with Chelsea, Valencia, Sampdoria, Dinamo Moscow), whose job is to collect test data of players, process, investigate and try new methods to reduce the risk of injury. Although it remains a utopia for all others Physical preparators. 

 With the ball. To complete the opera, is the intensity claimed by Conte also in tactical training: If the dry run is heavy, the one with the ball it is equally important and the results are seen in the game. Juventus now will try to keep this condition at least until the Christmas break, when the athletic staff can put new energy into the legs of players. Because after having discovered the pleasure of being in control of the match, Juve does not want to lose it. 

 source: La Gazzetta dello Sport
 by: G.B. Olivero 
 adapted by:Mike Prise