TURIN, December 14, 2011 – The band of Conte has won the full confidence of the Juventus leadership. Next to the Christmas break, the Bianconeri are indeed there, in the lead, ahead of favorites AC Milan, but who meditates large investments on the market in January. So Agnelli and Marotta are called to an important answer. Let me be clear, nothing sensational efforts in economic view (which will arrive in June), but intelligent and targeted investments, , perhaps through the formula of the loan with right of buying already fixed. 

Guarin is liked. Waiting for Fiorentina and Sampdoria at least give a minimum signal on the fronts Montolivo and Palombo , here is embodied the assault on Fredy Alejandro Guarin Vasquez, 25 year-old Colombian midfielder, the protagonist in Porto of Villas Boas, who last year won Europe League. The current one is rather a season more complicated : Guarin not find the right feeling with the new management techniques and would therefore begun to consider the possibility of leaving Portugal. He likes Juve , does not hide it, but first he needs a frank dialogue with Porto, historically a very expensive boutique. The Master, Pinto da Costa is not easy man to deal with, although the recent elimination from the Champions League is likely to lead to sacrifice of precisely Fernando Guarin. Marotta will explore soon the “mood” of Portuguese president, and hopes to close for a total figure of 10-12 million. More or less the cost of Vidal: experts ensure that the performance would be the same. 

Idea on defense. Movements in defense, where he almost certainly will leave Motta and Sorensen. As for the central always monitored the situation of Bocchetti . While rise the chances of jolly Caceres, man on band (both right and left), however, capable of excellent performance even in the middle. The 24 year old Uruguayan National (formerly 38 appearances and one goal with Celeste) was in 2009-2010 Juventus: already started the first contacts with Seville. Outgoing. In England, meanwhile, are convinced that Juve are talking with Manchester United for the loan of Milos Krasic. Of course, the Serb has a good market abroad, especially Premier and Bundesliga. At the leaving list as well Amauri, Iaquinta and Toni. Then, one of Pazienza and Marrone in the case of ‘changing’ in midfield. Quagliarella?maybe but not less than 12 million. 

source: GdS by: Mirko Graziano 
adapted by: Mike Prise