Up to that point seemed to be the classic Sunday. Far too quiet given the promises. It was on autopilot. We were traveling at cruising speed. The navigator was set. The road was the right one. The tunnel was not expected. And the GPS signal has been lost. It was gone. And then you find yourself in the mountains. Off street completely. And with four pears in the bag.

It is not so complicated to explain the defeat of Juventus in Florence. Needless to talk about tactics, blame the referee Rizzoli or pull in other discourses. Simply, the game was addressed on the right track. Juve has addressed it perfectly,  giving as little or nothing and exploiting the spaces given by Fiorentina. Then the penalty. Then, above all, the ducky of Buffon. And there the GPS got turned off. Suddenly.

It is not the first time, though. Against Fiorentina happened exactly what has been seen against Inter and Sampdoria. Juve is a team that if it goes below reacts with absolute tranquility, indeed begins to increase the pace, it becomes a tractor. If it gets remounted, however, shuts down the brain. Reacts with the stomach. It’s almost in disbelief. It goes on the attack. All in atack. And press badly. Like at the third goal. Three to chase Borja Valero, Joaquin all alone on the right.

And this is a big flaw of the Bianconeri. A flaw to work on. And a lot. To stop at this speech means, however, do without an important aspect. The context. This season started well in terms of results in Italy, less well in Europe. Performance has not been lower than the same period last season. There is something different, though, which is represented by the mistakes that lead to goals. They are often individual states.

Today, for the first time, collective. Conte speaks often of a magnificent relaxation after two years. It would be human. Above all, no one else knows better as he his team. From outside, you can see what  says the field. Which tells of a few plays too prissy. A few plays not carried out with the necessary malice. Above all, everything that could go wrong did. It may be a matter of karma. Negative. Of less encouraging signs. The important thing is also trying to fight against this. Not shooting oneself in the foot. Starting again from 70 minutes in which the navigator was set. The strength is there. The value of the team as well. We have to work and get up. With absolute belief in our own ability. And be poisoned.

source: juventibus.com