The record is another. It’s not the 7-0. Platini  is right better win seven with one a zero. Ask Mazzarri: he will give the right answers. The record, it was said, that really impresses are 33 useful results at Juventus Stadium, the 24-game winning streak. These numbers are mind-blowing, photography is also a fear that the visiting teams when they are manifest in Turin. Many come with the thought of not taking a boarded, others try to gamble. In Europe, the fear is not there, in fact it is Juventus to feel the weight of the result. Another story, because now we speak of 7 to 0 to Parma, the change of module.
Allegri has had courage. This, because of the absences, it was time to try the 43andthenwesee theorized in the summer, tried in the first friendlies, revived in the week with key clash with Olympiakos. Juventus plays a 4321 very flexible with Padoin left-back Romulo right internal, Pereyra and Tevez with a lone striker Llorente. Parma fresh from victory at home on Inter confirms 352 with Cassano and Ghezzal strikers, a strong physically defense, Rispoli and De Ceglie on the wings.
20141112142801_433 difensivo
Above 433 defense (which becomes with a 451) of Juventus. Under the Parma already crushed in its trocar after a few minutes: the lines of defense and midfield have not yet flaked.

20141112142810_532 parma
From the first minutes the game sees Juventus taken the lead of the game with personality. Donadoni tried to disrupt the start of the Juventus maneuver: the two strikers on the pair Bonucci-Chiellini or behind the line of the ball, Rispoli and De Ceglie who rise respectively on Padoin Lichtsteiner, the central moves taken by the interiors. The pressing it is brought at low intensity and aggressiveness allowing Juventus to start the operation with a patient move of the ball in search of the right passage: fundamental the contribution of attacking midfielders, not followed by the central defenders.
20141112142700_giro palla
The attitude of Parma remained almost unchanged throughout the first half. Allegri in the image above tells Bonucci the player to serve (Pereyra having lowered while Romulo has established his position). Under a 5vs5 which becomes 6vs5 due to Buffon: Ghezzal goes on the goalkeeper leaving room for Chiellini.

20141112142644_5 vs 5
The quality of the Juventus maneuver has been satisfactory with the ongoing research of the change of the front and the player between the lines. The module allows you to use the natural formation of triangles between the players, occupies better the field and predisposes a more immediate pressure: turns out to be more natural with sharp transitions.
For Juventus is fundamental the interchangeability of position between the players. More players will exchange the position, the greater the possibility of creating spaces expanding the players of opposing defenses. Some examples: Marchisio drops between the defenders, Romulo tightens towards the center, Pereyra drops by taking the place of the former Verona releasing the band to Lichtsteiner. Tevez comes inside the field, Pogba opens, Llorente comes to meet or attacks the depth. Parma defended badly being tossed away from their area of expertise: since the opening minutes not seen the compact formation of two lines (one a defensive five and three midfield), immediately crumbled and deconstructed by the movements of the Juventus players.
Bonucci advances with the ball at his feet. Romulo comes inside the field, Tevez cuts, Pogba is opened; Pereyra between the two lines vertically, Lichtsteiner wide. Llorente ready to seek the depths.

Juventus attacked for 48% on the left, but the greatest dangers, the best actions coming from the right, where Lichtsteiner was devastating being able to find field in front of him to attack due to the change in front of the attack. That the Swiss full-back is better as a fullback is not nothing new, exploiting the indisputable athletic qualities, while receiving the ball from a standstill finds greater difficulty in having to skip the opponent. Less problems for him also in phase of possession having always in front of another player, a reference point which can pass the ball.

20141112142723_lodi alzato
The action of 3 to 0. Again Buffon as “low-director.” Lodi comes out excessively on the keeper, Mauri is having to deal with Marchisio and Romulo, while Rispoli is not aggressive on Padoin. Chiellini can play safely on the fullback, unloading Romulo who finds field in front and progressing forward to the frontline of attack. Ball to Tevez, opening for Lichtsteiner: De Ceglie on the occasion too tight leaving to the Swiss fullback grassland.

20141112142635_campo davanti
The 433 (in its various forms: 4321, 4312) grants the counter-attack. Juventus has the qualities to be able to better manage the ball and lose it as far as possible from his own penalty area: the simultaneous presence of the four midfielders (it is in the midfield Allegri has the greatest treasure) would allow the team to more easily dribble, more passing lanes, preparing immediately to the defensive transition. Against Parma, a team that lined up in attack certainly not two counter-attackers, the presence of Marchisio was crucial: the contribution of midfielder it is decisive for the defensive “weight” due to a significant tactical intelligence that allows him to be found on the pass line combined with aerobic and mental qualities that make him difficult to overcome in one on one.

On two occasions (the only) created by Parma (shot by Ghezzal and Mauri) Juventus has defended quite well: the first scoring chance gialloblù comes from a ball lost in midfield with the Bianconeri fleeing back immediately forcing the Emilian to go on the bottom and send a cross: good Bonucci (will never be a marker like Gentile, but his defensive progress is indeed remarkable ) to be prepared in the area. Much better Buffon on the Mauri shot: Marchisio on this occasion is a little ‘too far away from the ball (the compactness during the non-possession phase is crucial), leaving room for Cassano skillful then to serve Mauri (with Bonucci little aggressive on the occasion). These are the only two occasions granted: it will be interesting to see Juventus play with this module against teams that have considerable skills in offensive transition. More players of Allegri will be able to keep possession and loosing the ball in a high position (and immediately attack the opponent), less counterattack granted. Easy to say, hard to be made.

20141112142730_spazio a mauri

Allegri has taken some risks, we said, but at home against teams of the mid-low ranking can and must do: the new module is definitely more offensive and allows Juventus to be more direct and fast. It is played in a simpler, more immediate manner. And if you start to throw in goal the considerable offensive production will have fewer worries: the ferocity, the aggression, the will to win (the winning mentality in a single expression) must go hand in hand with the Juventus tactics evolution . Indeed: the tactic is for the team and the coach. For Allegri to choose the best module based on the available players, and the idea of the game that he wants to give to his team.

adapted in english an article of Davide Terruzzi from

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