Defense of four
Certainly the back four is earning points in the thoughts of the technician. Not only has used it in recent friendlies (Villar Perosa and Singapore), but especially he is insisting on certain movements  on Vinovo. The intention is to change, the question is about timing. Allegri after Trofeo Tim – and in the week leading up to his debut with Chievo – assess whether the team will have already digested the changes in tactics in the right way. Only then will take a final decision. In the case of green light, the line may be composed of Lichtsteiner, Caceres, Bonucci and Evra.

More goals
“We’ll be ready for the opener against Chievo,” assured the “conte Max” after the inauguration of Villar Perosa. In the thoughts of the former AC Milan coach is not only the defense, but … Among his goals is to make the Juventus machine more unpredictable in the final meters. The idea is to exploit even more the direction of the goal of which is equipped with the most midfielders. Waiting for the best Arturo Vidal (the Chilean tomorrow will find the field in Trofeo Tim), Allegri is oiling the insertions of Pogba, Marchisio and Pereyra.