ALLEGRI during Juventus Fiorentina 6 March 2015 © Foto Liverani
ALLEGRI during Juventus Fiorentina 6 March 2015 © Foto Liverani

We can tell you that Juventus is still the first in Serie A, that the points of advantage on the second are nine, yesterday was only the Italian Cup and therefore nothing happened. If you want we can tell you this.

Otherwise we can analyze a Juventus match undertone, so many opportunities and errors during both setting up the play and on defense, inaccuracies and excessive personal actions forward and players like Vidal on the wing in the end, that they have no reason to be there.

With Fiorentina we have seen some positive things but also many negative starting with the goal of Salah to which was allowed to make seventy meters, the same error of Bruno Peres goal with Torino. Same mistake on not doubling viola, ball lost and a systematic goal, this error also already seen in the past. A partial excuse we didn’t got the goal from a corner. The situation is not and must not be seen as catastrophic, just need a bit of lucidity to analyze errors (many) and regain the strength of the team starting from the defense that it can not grant opportunities like against Fiorentina, especially created on blunders of team and individuals.

Now we need to understand the reasons for a distorted evening but this time seriously learn from our mistakes, in view of Sassuolo, Palermo but most important for Borussia, games that will not be simple at all and where an error would become, because repeated, even more serious.

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