Juventus expects the sales but meanwhile has invested a lot, and in the top 10 ranking of teams who have spent more between new purchases and redemptions is Second. The Bianconeri are in fact just after the Valencia of the tycoon Peter Lim and spent 32 million for Dybala, about 19 for Mandzukic, 18 for the redemption of Zaza and about 13 for Pereyra and the remainder for minor operations.

The Bianconeri have decided to carry out various operations to compensate for the departure of Pirlo and especially Tevez, whose absence will have next year a high weight unless the three newcomers do not understand what Apache has accomplished in the last season.

Juventus today precedes on investments Liverpool, the Milanese, Atletico, Barcelona, taking advantage of the great European seaso and big revenues from UEFA, arriving mostly from the market pool. An important signal from the Bianconeri, to continue to be competitive.

Juventus is now waiting for the right shot and mainly the sales to find the necessary resources for the last final shot.

Top 10 Clubs on Current expenses :

1 [Valencia CF] 102,00 mln
2 [Juventus FC] 88,10 mln €
3 [FC Liverpool] 63,60 mln €
4 [AC Milan] 62,95 mln €
5 [FC Internazionale] 61,70 mln
6 [Atlético de Madrid] 55,00 mln
7 [FC Barcellona] 51,00 mln €
8 [FC Bayern Monaco] 42,00 mln €
9 [Tottenham Hotspurs] 27,90 mln
10 [FC Schalke 04] 27,50 mln €