How are you organized and how is organized the group of athletic trainers? 
Bertelli is the closest associate of Conte, is with him who the coach is thinking the training processes, Tous, the Spanish the gym working in the gym on strength and finally there’s Sassi in charge of training check 

What is this training check? 
It is a method strongly desired by Marotta: collect all our workout data in telemetry and apply them back on computer. We apply from young to the first team, of course with loads of work proportional to age. 

Questions about injuries 
Sassi: the components are various: number of games, real life, luck .. is a cake with great slices
Bertelli: much depends on the stress that affects muscles.When you win you are more peaceful

How is Vinovo? 
Bertelli: nice and well-structured
Sassi: a system of first order, if I have to tell a criticism is that lacks a swimming pool: when you play every 3 days it becomes crucial, as I said to Marotta.

Del Piero 
Bertelli: Alex has a personal trainer working with us 100%, has a great work culture: otherwise he wouldn’t have played 20 years at big levels

Bertelli: He should not be strengthened. He is skinny but not weak do not confuse things, try to make a contrast with him

The game with Naples 
Bertelli: A shame the postponement, we were well loaded. Seeing that the next game Juve-Palermo will be in 21 days.

Votes for training 
Bertelli: If this year the players after training are given a vote as to how much they have worked and how tired they are. All are data that are saved and used for our work.

source: tuttosport
adapted by: Mike Prise