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Roma is the first with maximum of points. Behind the hare, two are chasing at extreme rates: Juventus and Napoli. Assuming that up to now the two pursuers have 2.5 points per game, if they were to keep  this pace would arrive at the end at 95 points. Champion of Italy 100% following the statistics.

And so some of the three will slow down necessarily due to bad luck, their errors, injuries, physical declines or other. In the Romanists minds already winds the fear of the plot from the Palace.

But by whom? The Palace would like to help Juve to win the third title in a row? It seems implausible seeing the little influence (indeed) of the Old Lady in the League and Football Federation.

Juventus have had three “favorable” arbitration mistakes (Chievo-Turin-Genoa) and at least as many “cons” (Florence, Lazio, Turin, Genoa, Catania).

The Naples for now in the decisive moments benefited from lucky arbitrage: we remember Sassuolo, Milan, Turin and especially with Fiorentina denied a penalty + red card  Cuadrado, so unjust as unleashing the Della Valle, used only to certain excesses with Juve and Milan.

Roma had no “unfortunate” episodes and instead in the opposite direction they had three games in which it had already taking advantage, closed easily for mistakes arbitration: from invented red to Dias in Derby (was not a clear chance on goal), the non-existent penalty-kicks that gave the 2-0 over Inter and Naples.It must be said, however, that the Roma in all three conditions was already ahead 1-0.

Sooner or later, for the oversight of referees will take away a point or two from Rome, and at that point we’ll see if the fans and all the town-journalists from the capital, will be “mature” or they will call it a conspiracy.It would be responsible for many of my colleagues help the city and the team to remain calm and not give excuses to the players.

A funny Juventino very dear to me posted yesterday on Facebook: this championship can only end in two ways … 1 – deservedly won the Roma. 2 – stolen by Juventus. The joke of the week.

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