TURIN, August 19, 2014 – The Hell: Real Madrid, Liverpool and Monaco. Or heaven: Benfica, Olympiacos and Salzburg. And even in the midst of more than fifty shades of difficulty for the UCL group of Juventus. We played a game, and we have tried to simulate the real draw for five of 29 August when the polls will come out the fate of Juventus at Montecarlo .

There is still a preliminary round that will start today and tomorrow with the races in outward and complete the grid on August 27th with the latest return games . But the urns of the top European competition can already draw (and excellent work was produced by Maurizio Romeo on the site Juventibus).
Twenty-one out of thirty-two teams are already sure to be there, the rest of it can be assumed, to build the four groups from which will emerge the draw of 29. Juventus, for example, is already sure to be the second band: whatever happens in the playoffs these days, no one will take away from the ‘salad bowl the number two on the stage of UEFA. That means a certain tranquility (the third band would have been definitely give more anxiety), but no warranty of not having to deal with a group of death.

And in any case, since anyone can take taste with the play of the groups, you can also use your imagination and imagine a round “historic” flavor for Juventus against teams with which played (and won) the European finals, something like: Porto (Cup Winners Cup 1984), Ajax (Champions 1996) and Athletic Bilbao (Uefa 1977). Or to put together the group stages with the hottest fans with Europe cheering from Atletico Madrid at the Vicente Calderon to the doom (for Juve) of Galatasaray, at the legendary Celtic Park.