Marotta is defining the renewal of the French with Raiola. Will gain 4.5 million per season plus any bonuses. After the announcement of the company, the entourage of the player has denied meetings, but in reality, the agreement is very close. Marotta at Villar: “Soon we will announce the agreement that we are defining with Paul.” Pogba enthusiastic: “The feeling with Allegri was immediate. The group is charged, there is a desire to repeat ourselves “

TURIN, August 22, 2014 – “There was no  meeting and is not expected one with Juventus. We will never stop to repeat, however, that, for now, Paul is well in Turin.” The morning of Juventus was stirred by the statements of the entourage of Pogba, bouncing directly from Paris through the columns of the Equipe. It does not specify who has issued statements, but could be Tanazefti Walid, discoverer and friend of  Polpo and who now works with Mino Raiola in the management of his career.

Who’s in charge
His words, however, have not particularly upset Beppe Marotta, who on Wednesday afternoon in Villar Perosa announced the imminent agreement with Pogba for a new contract expiring in 2019. The managing director of Juventus has, for some time, started a dialogue with Raiola and … There is an agreement in principle on almost all the details: Pogba will enter into the highest paid players in the club, will earn € 4.5 million per season and will have the opportunity to get to 5,5 through a variety of bonuses tied to the results of team and personal goals.
In short, the limits of what Juventus gives his players in recent years. The contract will bind Pogba to Juventus until 2019 and could be ratified in the next month and a half. Also because the priorities of Marotta until the end of the market will be other and then we will return to speak with Pogba from September 1 onwards, no particular hurry, having reached an agreement in principle.