Passes in vertical There is a impressive data: Pirlo touches the ball 118 times and makes 75 passes. Do you know how many misses? 1. Crazy! Similar accuracy even a computer can provide it. And on the ballistic capabilities of the director builds the Juve victory: launch in vertical of Andrea rejected the defense viola, ready to take the attackers Juventus rebound and go to the conclusion. It happens so at the goal of Vucinic. Pirlo sweep (are 8 launches), squires Marchisio and Vidal sling to collect his inventions and the strikers are moving in the opposing area to create danger.






Little grit That the entire Juve revolves around Pirlo is certainly not new, but that the director appears as precise in the distribution of the game is objectively amazing. Pizarro, to quote his counterpart of Fiorentina, passes 45 and it makes it wrong 5. And, continuing the comparison, the Chilean manage only 4 launches, half of those of Pirlo. The issue is that. Juve and Fiorentina do not play with the same attitude. Explain better: the machine goes to bianconera wonder because the base is the spirit of sacrifice (see precisely marking ad hoc on Pizarro), and the engine does not turn viola ’cause deals with little (and worry) of adversaries. Another interesting fact: Pirlo loses 11 balls and retrieve as many; Pizarro, on the contrary, blows 13 and he regained only 4. More than desire to surprise, sometimes, we need the determination, hunger and grit