Run Forrest Run! So that no other team can catch U!
VINOVO (Turin), January 19, 2012 – Even though Antonio Conte understandably denies it, also because he never wants to give his team an alibi, it is clear that the effects of work in Dubai have weighed down the legs of the Juventus players in the first two meetings of the 2012. If the performance in Lecce was negative, but had arrived three points against Cagliari performance was slightly better, but without the comfort of success. In training camp the team was subjected to a harsh reminder of preparation, because there will be no time to put petrol in the tank and from there to the end of season games will increase if the path continues in the Italian Cup. After playing the second round in December against Bologna, Juventus will play the quarterfinals hosting next Tuesday the Rome with the prospect of qualifying for the semi-finals and maybe even for the final. 

Calculated risk. Thus, whereas the basis of the primacy in the standings is also the intensity that the team was able to produce for ninety minutes from September to December, Conte and his staff have devised a program of very hard training knowing that the course would have some risk in the first games of 2012 but then the players would be able to sustain high rates until May. If the improvements will continue in line with what happened between Lecce and Cagliari, in Bergamo, Juve will stay better athletically than the last game on Sunday and probably will return to the top for the match with Udinese on Saturday 28 or at most, after the middle week game of 31 at Parma, for the first scheduled game of February against Siena. And from that moment on, Juventus should run just like in the first half of the season and exercising that insisted pressing and the offensive game that so impressed. But in the meantime must arrive the results and from this point of view to comfort Conte, are only the figures. 

The growth from the second half of the season. Considering his experiences as a coach in series B and series A, also part-time, the story says that teams of Conte in January are traveling on good pace: 8 wins, 3 draws and 3 defeats. The success rate is equal to 57.1%, only in April (58.8%) the Lecce coach has a better balance. The concerns may relate to the month of February, when the rate drops dramatically (35.7% of wins, 50% of draws and to 14.3% of losses). But the serene is back in March with 52.6% success rate. And in the sprint of May, with the understandable breath after a long season, the teams of Conte have so far achieved 47.4% of wins. Finally, dividing the season into two halves, the first between August and December, the success rate (41.6%) is lower than that obtained between January and June (47.48%). If these figures are confirmed by the next results, Juve will grow in the second half of the season turning a few draws into victories. It would be the best way to try to bother Milan until the last day. 

source: GdS;by: G.B. Olivero
adapted by: Mike Prise