TURIN, June 12, 2012 – Clearing the stars has multiplied the problems. And so today, there are over two hundred thousand shirts in stores, but may not be sold waiting for Nike and Juventus to agree on ways to adapt to the new political line of Juventus shirts in terms of stars and written. Not without ill-feeling by the U.S. giant who does not seem to undermine the Juventus stubbornness in realizing their vision. 

PEZZE AND PATCH Is a matter of patches, that because in Italian it sounds bad it translate more cool into patch, but still remain patches. The Juventus shirt on the market should have included two, according to the wishes of Juve. One to cover the two stars originally printed by Nike and one to insert the words “30 sul campo” to be placed in the classic oval logo of the club. Too many for the Americans who turn up their noses to the idea of sending a product in stores with their brand that the user must adjust. It is not in line with quality standards, it is said in the offices of Nike marketing. The shirt is ours, and we decide what should be on top, you can listen in the rooms of Corso Galileo Ferraris.
I wonder if this wouldn’t have been better fot FIGC?
CORRECTION But why the shrit is to correct? Was it not better to wait to print it? The technical times do not permit and companies are used to print shirts with huge advance. To give an idea, of the graphic design of new Juventus jersey was approved in February 2011, more than a year ago. Then the jerseys have gone to press well before that Juventus won the Scudetto. Also because it is customary that the fatal tricolore triangle is however delivered separately (another patch, then!). Well, Nike has printed shirts with two stars, because at that time nobody had raised the issue of counting different championships between Juventus and FIGC. And certainly has not simplified things by the fact that they wait a month before giving an interpretation to the regulations, opting for the cancellation of the stars and the inclusion of the words ’30 sul campo ” 
CHAMPIONS LEAGUE VERSION Written that, moreover, should disappear in Champions League context. Because Uefa does not allow the use of any writing on the jersey and even Milan who proudly flaunts the phrase “The most successful club in the world,”  must erase when playing in Europe. There will then release one league and cup Italian with the inscription “30 sul campo” and one not written for the Champions. In both cases, the CONI president Petrucci applauds: “The tensions with Juventus for the story of 2006? You see, Andrea Agnelli is an intelligent person and with whom I have a beautiful relationship. Did you see how he did now: all claimed that he would put the third star on the jersey, instead, although I understand the pressures of the fans, he will not. The sentence of thirty on the field is another matter: the rules exist and should be interpreted. And the championships were not taken away to Juventus in the field. However I do not want to go beyond. ” Apart from the satisfaction of the institutions, however, remains the problem of shirts in the next few days (if not the next few hours) will be revealed and, especially, offered for sale. For the patches, instead, will take time (those who buy the jersey immediately likely receive a voucher to collect it later). All this when Nike and Juventus will agree on the details. Actually when they put … a patch. 
source: Tuttosport (byPastorella-Vaciago)
adapted by: Mike Prise