Grazie per tutto Capitano! Sei un Grande!

Maybe you dreamed a different ending, or greet with yet another trophy lifted in front of your fans … 
“Losing a final leaves a bitter taste but we look forward. The year remains fantastic.” 

But many fans want that you stay so much that many are sending letters to the leaders so that you stay in black and white … 
“I am grateful and thankful for all the fans for the great affection they gave me. I have always given everything and certainly people like this. I leave with this title is extraordinary and fantastic.” 

Now where are you going? Will we see you in Los Angeles, Dubai?? … 
“Now I go on vacation and then we’ll see …”. 

How is leaving Juve looking back aware of what you did? 
“I do not know honestly, this week including tonight thousand emotions were mixed. I will digest On holiday, they were fantastic years, I am proud of and that I will always carry in my heart.” 

Now that the door is to close the berthing and which do you think? 
“Simply because I’ve always wanted to give everything on the pitch. In these weeks we will study a optimal solution, what I have done here will remain in my story from tonight.” 

Did you gave yourself a deadline for the choice? 
“No I was too busy on the season finale, now my brother will focus on work to see each solution.” 

adapted by: Mike Prise