Well.. We did Well! We will do better in the Summer!
We wanted to tell the votes of the Parma-Juventus game, unfortunately we could not and we will give instead the votes of the of black-white mercato. From zero to ten, as usual. 

RATING ZERO : to Fabio Grosso, the only one who does not went out from the list of out of team, a little sacrifice could have done, he will release in June. What future for him? Mystery .. 

RATING ONE : For Amauri. We would have been willing give him zero, but in the end we gave one, because Juventus has earned at least 2.5 million euros.  

RATING TWO: to Guarin. In a radio had said that if he would move just to Juventus, two days ago he found out that M***A was his priority, congratulations. 

RATING THREE: to Nainggolan lost occasion. The Belgian would have wanted to impose, and more. In June, the train will arrive!? Who knows. 

RATING FOUR: the millions taken for co-ownership of Immobile. We explained the reasons in recent days. Will not be buying him back easy, but sometimes sacrifices need for major projects. 

RATING FIVE: to Tevez business. He fed both him and Manchester but especially those most in two months ago he did everything to make furious Manchester City. For once the money was not everything, there are still values ​​such as fairness. 

RATING SIX: to the Borriello deal. We still have to understand and we will soon understand if is a deal or not. For now a six for trust. In June, if we transfer him basis of price we will give a top or lower grade 

RATING SEVEN : to Padoin deal. Not so much for the name, but because of the modus operandis. Silent in the shadows at a fair price, Marotta did well and then we must remember that there is the mark of Antonio Conte

RATING EIGHT : to Caceres deal. We had to get a defender and he arrived and in our opinion is a good buy, a security, a player who has known Juventus and the environment, a player who will be very useful. 

RATING NINE : to Antonio Conte and Beppe Marotta, good at blocking and bring home those who said the coach. If you expect Tevez, Guarin and Hummels, perhaps is better cheer other teams, that money are not there. 

RATING TEN : to who is gone fairly and without controversy, but especially those who did not put a spoke in the wheel and decided to try again. Well to those who have sell well. And above all, TEN to that savings of about eight million which will be a helpful hoard in June. 

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise