The game of saturday has finished two to zero, as everyone knows, but it counts as three to zero. Juventus on the field has played a very balanced game, chess. Only one occasion had for Naples on the magic of a champion, three for Juventus before the goal of Caceres. This shows that the challenge was channeled to 0-0. When the games are so tight,  it takes an invention if you want to win. That has made Angelo Alessio under the mystical supervision of Antonio Conte and wise advice of Massimo Carrera and Claudio Filippi.

A double move, maybe for some lucky, but for good reason has given evidence to prove him right. The winning move is there. As I said, reading here and there on the internet we found this: Alessio won because he wanted to win, Mazzarri has lost because he wanted to preserve and not to lose. Perhaps a crime having the man of  babba on the bench, where was put that Insigne, maybe instead of Hamsik or Pandev, little dangerous. Alessio has thrown into the fray a nineteen  year old boy removing a totem like Vidal.

He put the propitiatory (with goals to the big names) Caceres, removing a lion like Asamoah. In short, he had courage. For Mazzarri, is a three time zero. After losing with Conte, in a few months he lost with Carrera and also with Angelo Alessio. Changing the coach does not change the result …

We close with a photo, the one put on the cover. Angelo Alessio embracing Massimo Carrera. As we like this story bianconera, just like in 1992 when Alessio and Carrera won 3-1. Then there was also Conte in the field, have patience, will soon return.; by: Massimo Pavan