TURIN, July 3, 2012 – The long awaited news by Juve, is finally here: Liverpool are available to evaluate the transfer of Luis Suarez. Of course at Anfield have not put up posters around the headquarters to tell the world their decision. Indeed, the leaders of the Reds officially claim the opposite. But through the communication channel has reserved just arrived in Corso Galileo Ferraris. Where, proving just as well to know the rules of the game, they welcomed it all with relative ease, as if feigning indifference. Just that, paradoxically, is the signal that Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici are very attracted by the Uruguayan solution. Manifesting it, however, would get the undesirable effect of raising the transaction costs and make everything more difficult. 
REVERSING COURSE This is, of course, of a news waitted, but to have it confirmed in these cases facilitates things a lot. The point is that Tom Werner, a wealthy American manager for two years as president of the prestigious English club (is also the head of the Boston Red Sox, one of the leading franchises in baseball stars and stripes) after spending 300 million pounds in 2010 to the purchase of the Reds and have put a hundred on the market last summer, has decided to close the valves. At least temporarily, that is, until Gerrard and company will not return in the Champions League. Because the costs have not found comfort in the results, in fact Liverpool has come eighth in the last Premier, confirming to live a very difficult phase in its history. 
CLOSED MARKET Unfamiliar with recent methods of football and very familiar with the rules of business, Werner seems determined to live up to what is stated. At the risk of disappointing Brendan Rodgers, the coach just chosen to replace the ousted Kenny Dalglish. Rodgers had in fact placed on top of their list of reinforcements Icelandic Gylfi Sigurdsson, skilled trequarista had last season at Swansea. The negotiations was promising, except that once an agreement with Hoffenheim (owner of card), Liverpool has been asked 30 thousand pounds a week by the player. This is equivalent to just over 1.5 million per year, a reasonable figure to these levels. But not in the opinion of Werner, who has balked, blasting everything. Indeed Sigurdsson during this week will go to Tottenham. 
BOMBER AT FIVE WHEELS This is to say that Liverpool have moved the line of austerity and being able already count on a bomber important (and expensive) as Andy Carroll often been on the bench just to make room for Suarez, have decided to review the position of the latter. Faced with an important offer Suarez will leave, the decision has been taken. About the extent of this “offer important” of course in Liverpool and Turin have different ideas, but by the time an experienced manager and pragmatic as Giovanni Branchini is working to approach the parties. The timing seems just right for an official meeting. In any case the near future of Suarez will still be in England, since he will participate, like Edinson Cavani, at the London Olympics. Two allies, as they vie for a shirt, black and white, which is gold. 
source: Tuttosport (article by Gianni Lovato) 
adapted by: Mike Prise