Professor Roberto Sassi would never have expected so much work from the first weeks of life of the Lab Juve. Or maybe he was? The catastrophic numbers of years spent at the bottom speak very clearly. 191 injuries in only three years, figures too high for a team that wants to compete in Serie A and Europe. And this is because the structure coordinated by Professor Sassi was born, he also arrived from Sampdoria as Marotta and Paratici.

Juventus Lab has already had to assist the faithful Iaquinta, the player of the infirmary bed. With him have gone the other less accustomed then Vincenzone to doctors as Pazienza, Marchisio and Quagliarella (even for simple controls). And luckily this year there will be no Momo Sissoko, another faithfull to infirmary bed, that prof. Sassi would have come to know very well.

“Better safe than sorry” is a motto that is well suited to the situation. Here is that Juventus Lab will have a large work to do during the season. But perhaps placing some relapsed as Vincenzo Iaquinta, Juventus’s new medical center would pay more attention to the players most deserving of Juventus.