We’re nearly there, missing very little, just a day, and tomorrow there will be the long-awaited clash between Juventus and Borussia Dortmund. An important showcase for all the Bianconeri but especially for three players that for the last month they had a moment of uncertainty and that they see in tomorrow’s game yet another opportunity to prove their worth.

Tevez – is probably the most feared player by Borussia Dortmund, the one who scored more but that in recent weeks, also because of a specific preparation has struggled a bit. Juventus relies on him to undermine the Teutonic defense and win the game and the same Tevez, who knows that this Champions League and the next could be the latest European occasions, will do his best to bring home the victory.

Pogba – is definitely the most chatted player by the newspapers, the one with the highest rating and the dream for the midfield of at least six to seven top European teams. From the fantastic January to anonymous February, he knows that the challenge of tomorrow can consecrate him even more on the Football stage.

Vidal – is the most criticized player for behavior on and off, but also the one that awaits more than any other his revenge and that tomorrow will put, if deployed, an incredible ardor. IS the Warrior that everyone wanted to have and that tomorrow will show which is the real Arturo Vidal.

Three Champions to cling by adding various Buffon, Pirlo, Chiellini, Bonucci, Evra, Lichtsteiner, Marchisio and probably Morata, eleven men for a Win, winning against Borussia and putting themselves in a position of advantage in the return leg.

adapted an article from tuttojuve.com