In Turin continues to exist the famous legend of injuries, the famous ghost of Vinovo reaping the players and takes them away from the field. Surely Massimiliano Allegri has not been lucky in the beginning of this season, there have been some injuries and some players and departments are decimated. In particular, the defense has suffered major defections by Barzagli, Caceres, Marrone, Romulo and now Evra out. For Allegri important absences and minimized choices.

But is there really an injuries emergency, is it the fault of the medical staff?
The truth, as always, lies somewhere in between, in the sense that there are injuries, but the data appear to be completely normal.


Morata: clash of game, the attacker gets hurt colliding with Rubinho in the first training, the preparation does not count.

Pirlo: clash of the game, the midfielder hurts himself at Tim clashing with Menez, in this case, the preparation methods or staff do not count.

Vidal: knee problem, nationwide. The Chilean gets crushed by the world cup as a result of poor management of the injury during the World Cup. Now, getting back into the form.

Romulo: hernia, not muscle injury. The player is operated, also in this case the preparation does not affect.

Caceres: muscle injury in the game. In this case we are the first muscle problem, double, as happened twice. The defender, however, is not the first time that has to manage these issues.

Evra: muscle injury. For Evra a muscle injury, for the Frenchman is new, maybe the wear of time affects though never a problem for him in Manchester last year.

Marrone: muscle injury in training. For the central defender injury in a friendly match, you will probably pays the little activity and aptitude to the game, or just bad luck, the return is near.

Barzagli: persistent ankle problem. After the operation prolonged problems, preparation and work of the staff do not count.

On eight injuries, less than 50% are muscle injuries, the rest is caused by other types of problems, at the moment, so we can clearly argue that there is an emergency related to Vinovo, preparation, or something else, but just bad luck , definitely affects the large number of matches, as well as the little time to training.

The hope of all is that the report and the injury list is not subject to additions

adapted in english an article of Massimo Pavan from