Only 22 days are missing before Juve gathering. Three more weeks of vacation, at least for players who are not committed in the Confederations Cup: those who flew to Brazil can rest while their colleagues will start to sweat in Valle d’Aosta. The plan for nationals has not yet been drawn up because it depends on the date on which will exit from Brazilian adventure, but it is likely that the blues will join the group at the time of the departure for the United States or in the last few days of training camp in Chatillon.

Conte will perform ten days of work very hard in the same place where he began his training in the last season. From 12 to 22 July there will be much to sweat and nothing to joke. Juve will train at the stadium Brunod (close to which will be set up Summer Village that always attracts many fans) and accommodating in the structure of the Hotel School. The first friendly is scheduled to Saint Vincent on July 17. Juve will greet the Valle d’Aosta on the 22nd and the next day could play the Trofeo Tim, but it is still looking for a third team (in addition to Juventus and Milan) and a home team (should be Reggio Emilia). Conte then will leave two days of rest to the team and the whole group will depart on 26 to San Francisco.