TURIN, May 12, 2012“Surely in these days we’ll start talking with the society. It is right to discuss after a year of work, about everything. But there’s peace of mind on my part and the part of society. What is my next dream? To renew the contract. “ Et voila: Antonio Conte, net and direct in an interview with Sky. Without mincing words, without sentences of circumstance or soaked with excessive diplomacy is full of reasons to the day, after the championship there is the Italy Cup or something like that. Not at all, Conte obviously took taste of winning and does not hide the hopes of making last as long as possible his adventure as coach of Juventus

COMPARISON While pointing out, it is clear that “we must discuss.” It is not a clarification of nothing this. Just as it is no coincidence that is reiterated: always when you approach the topic. As if to say: is okay that Juventus has him in the heart and is fine the enormous gratitude for being chosen last year, but expects a constructive discussion on what worked and what needs to be improved this season, and a number of guarantees of a certain number of questions. Including of course the projects, the logistics, the campaign budget for purchases, the opportunity to express his own opinion and possibly address the objectives: one, preferably two bombers of absolute-level, a winger of quality, a worthy alter-ego for Andrea Pirlo and a defender. Of quality, needless to say. Why: 1) it is difficult to win, to confirm even more, 2) did well in the league, is not the case to risk making a bad figure in the Champions League … 

AMBITIONS That said, it is natural, the ambitions of President Andrea Agnelli and the managing director Giuseppe Marotta (who also must deal more directly with the financial statements) are certainly not inferior to those of the coach of Lecce. Hence, even in the board rooms of the club in Corso Galileo Ferraris, the desire to set up a squadron of more than competitive. And yet for what concerns the wages of coach (now one million and a half with the bonus), a rising readjustment looks on one side – society – recognized as a natural evolution of the facts, on the other (coach) as the last of the questions in order of importance. A detail. 

source: Tuttosport (by Fabio Riva) 
adapted by: Mike Prise