Juventus+Marotta+spendingTURIN – Two hundred and eight million euro invested in six campaigns purchases, including summer markets and of winter repair. A large number that the director Beppe Marotta has had in his hands to re-found, and then reinforce, the new Juventus in Andrea Agnelli era. Well-placed shots, such as the purchase of Vidal, whose value has tripled or Pogba, pure talent just paid a million, and winning formulas as parameters to zero (all of Pirlo, not Lucio) and loans, subterfuge of those who must buy players without having to take the necessary liquidity to buy immediately.

But next to the flagships of Juventus leader (to be counted also the sale of Sissoko to PSG for 7 million), there are painful notes of meteors overpaid. How can we forget Martinez, the phenomenon in Catania and disappeared at Juventus, or Elia, labeled champion, never been in tune with Conte and his methods. But the five million spent on Motta (then on loan) or Padoin appear exaggerated when compared with the use and performance. In short, some error is physiological, but rather than dispersing assets in many poor purchases, he should have the courage of a major investment for a true champion.

source: tuttosport.com