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TURIN, March 28, 2012 – The clues are increasing. Twenty-two years after the Roberto Baggio deal, the story could be repeated. Already, Juventus think about Stevan Jovetic as the heir to Alessandro Del Piero. It is not the only culprit, but for quality and behavioral techniques, experience, scope for improvement is the preferred of Juventus management. Is not yet a champion through and through (it’s ’89 class), but has everything to become one quickly. “He needs only one season played with continuity,” assures his idol Dejan Savicevic. JoJo‘s art is not an end in itself: this season has scored 12 goals in 22 games with Fiorentina. More striker and less playmaker. Shots and plays are already for phenomenon, so far have been mainly restrained by injuries. 

NERVOUSNESS In Florence, Jovetic is almost a symbol, one of the few to save himself from technical failure of the last month. The contract to expire in 2016, but the situation is reinforced to a certain point. The Montenegrin striker is living with a certain nervousness the latest events. The team is unable to exit the tunnel, he is also unhappy about himself, the fans are constantly challenged. In June, moreover, from Florence will leave the ds Pantaleo Corvino more that a manager for JoJo. In summer the club viola will refund and the ace grew up in Partizan is the only piece in the collection of revenue that can guarantee a certain level (about 25 million euros). The scenario is clear to Juventus and several European clubs interested (Chelsea in the first row). In case of separation, in Florence will be the preferred overseas, but no anti-Juve walls will rise. Next comes the parties, that are different. And according to insiders Jovetic would not be insensitive to the project of the Old Lady. The ambition of the leaders and Conte is there for everyone and the friend Mirko Vucinic in recent months has only confirmed the impression. 

THE OTHERS To retrieve the void of quality that Del Piero will leave, Juventus has in mind as well other solutions. These days the work tables are different. The list appears Luis Suarez, 25 years, the Liverpool striker. the case Evra could remove the Uruguayan from Premier to figures not astronomical: Juventus is alert, but the Reds have a renewal. Two options come then from the Bundesliga in recent years one of the supermarkets most fashionable. Mario Götze (Borussia Dortmund) and Arjen Robben (Bayern Monaco) are different models (the first is 19, the second 28) but similar technical depth. Götze – this year Tuttosport’s Golden Boy – is fresh from renewal with Borussia Dortmund (yesterday came the official of the elongation until 2016, but will not stay long in Germany) and according to experts is one of the most talented crystalline in the European scene . Is evaluated on 35/40 million. Robben seems willing to leave the Bundesliga already in the summer. With Bayern relationships are increasingly cold and will expire in 2013. To snatch at Bayern, after the poison summer for Vidal to Juventus will serve twenty million and above all the strong will of the player. Different characteristics from the captain, but also big: the dealing room of the big bomber is evolving. According to the latest drafts, Dzeko, en route with the City, would be earning points at the expense of Higuain and Tevez

TREASURE In Corso Galileo Ferraris they want to ensure at least two champions. One is to be financed by some transfer and the main suspects are Krasic (in the sights of Tottenham and Lazio, possibly in exchange for Hernanes), Elia (Schalke), possibly Quagliarella and Melo, for which the Galatasaray seems willing to invest 8 million (and not 13) for the final transfer. 

source: Tuttosport (by Erbì-Cornacchia)
by: Mike Prise

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