Since we are all interested in the blessed Top Player, which is always announced only to divert to players of “second” range because they are less expensive, perhaps it would be appropriate to understand why Juventus can not currently compete with clubs in England and Spain. 
Let’s see the revenues (but not invoiced, and not taking into account capital gains or losses), we start from the past which later led the company to seek a capital increase, in parentheses trying to put the key events of each season. For the season just ended I try to do a little math it based on the previous season and the history of revenues. 
2004-2005 Juventus 229.400.000 (Scudetto, competition Champions, higher revenues tv, AC Milan and Inter respectively 234 and 178 million) 
2005-2006 Juventus 251.200.000 (Scudetto, Champions competition, higher revenues tv, AC Milan and Inter respectively 239 and 207 million) 
2006-2007 Juventus 145.200.000 (Serie B, AC Milan and Inter respectively 227 and 195 million)
2007-2008 Juventus 167.500.000 (Just back from Serie B, low revenues tv, ends up in third position, Milan and Inter respectively 210 and 172 million) 
2008-2009 Juventus 203.200.000 (Champions League, eliminated in group stage, average revenues tv, ends in the second position, Milan and Inter respectively EUR 196 million)
2009-2010 Juventus 205 million (Europa League, high TV revenues, ends 7th, Milan and Inter respectively 236 and 225 million) 
2010-2011 Juventus 153.900.000 (Matches at the municipal, low revenues tv, ends seventh, it is the 13th in Europe, Milan and Inter respectively 235 and 211 million) 
2011-2012 Juventus 197 million (data OFFICIAL for three quarters on 4!! Scudetto -> win the prize is canceled with the award given to players, Revenue generated by the new stadium + 22,000,000, new sponsors and advertising + 10,000,000, merchandising + 10,000,000, TV revenues remain low for years) 
2012-2013 Juventus 265 million (top position in Championship, Champions League semi-finals + up to 35 million, Prize and revenue from Super Cup +5.000.000, New stadium increase prices and museum + 5.000.000, New sponsors and advertising + 5.000.000,  international merchandising + 10.000.000, high TV rights + 15.000.000)
At the end of this season we should go back a bit ‘top positions in revenues in Europe, returning to 5a/6a position, behind only (assuming an increase of 3% per year as estimated by Deloiette of revenues): 
Real Madrid 500.000.000 
Barcelona 470.000.000 
Manchester United 390.000.000 
Bayern Monaco 340.000.000 
Arsenal 270.000.000 
Juventus 265.000.000 
Chelsea 263.000.000 
Milan 250.000.000 
Liverpool 215.000.000 
Inter 210.000.000 
 In short, thanks to investments, thanks to Conte, thanks to the company we jumped from 13th place to 5th or 6th … The data are taken from Deloiette, so are official! 
source:; by: superalex78

Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS