Juve, virtually the first, and with a team without large gaps is the most exposed in the transfer market headlines . All to propose, advise, suggest and predict new elements and exotic for black and white jersey.

Just follow Paratici’s Brasilerao of a match and it seems almost made ​​for a dozen players , just scroll down the list of those under 21 and the free transfer in the Champions League and already there are rumors of Marotta ready to close.

Let’s present 4 interesting “transfers” for Juve, surely pleasing and functional to Marotta and to Mr. Conte, all at “zero” cost.

Fabio Quagliarella: 28 years. Bomber ofhigh profile and experience, at the height of ripeness, with 9 goals in 15 matches last year, before severe injury. Fully recovered, he lacks only the field and goals, preferably spectacular, as usual. Would fit well in the new 4-3-3 of Mister Conte.

Paolo De Ceglie: 24 years, last year offered compelling performance at last, before a long break. Back in camp for some appearances he seemed motivated and convincing, but with some major mistakes. We should give him confidence because he still has room for improvement. He would be ideal at home when Chiellini must disengage in the center.

Eljero Elia. 23 years. Talented ambidextrous winger. Dribbling and shooting, agile and slippery with good technique. Is not adapted to Italian football, but the basic quality there’s all.

Luca Marrone: 21. Undisputed leader of Ferrara’s Under 21. Plays and filter together, the midfielder of bright future. Starter in a Serie B as leaders already with Conte, now goes to school of Pirlo and Marchisio. A gem to be cultivated.

Gabriel Appelt Pires. 18. Here’s another gem Pirlo-like. Less Mozart then regista of Brescia, has, however, take a metronome and intelligence, personality and vision of the game as a leader, if we add a great physique, Brazilian feet and a capacity to stun Ronaldinho, Gabriel is a man for Juventus. Ready in January.

With these five men Juve would do a fabulous market in January, not to mention men like Krasic.

source: TuttoJuve.comadapted by: Mike Prise