TURIN, October 10, 2012 – There is a plan for Drogba. Immediately after the game on Sunday against Siena, where the team won but once again demonstrated that forward should be a top player to aim to win the Champions League or at least fight with more conviction, Antonio Conte and the leaders discussed about he champion of the Ivory Coast at this time playing in China. The summit lasted a few minutes, unanimous decision: try to get him, let’s attack, we see what are the margins to take him to Turin. In other words, leave nothing untried because a champion like that would allow us to make a further significant leap in quality in Europe. The summary of the summit made ​​by Conte, Marotta, Paratici, Nedved and, of course, Andrea Agnelli. 
STRATEGY Juventus, then, decided to throw herself heart and soul on a player who alone can win games. In the past there have been other approaches, more or less decided, in order to understand the intentions of the champion who before going to China has thought a hundred times also because his engagement, eleven million net per season, is still not guaranteed. The Shanghai Shenhua has lost its main sponsor, the one to make the idea, that he had carried out the negotiations with Drogba, and is looking for another. Managers ensure there will be no setbacks, but for now no news for the Ivorian phenomenon: so anything can still happen with the reopening of the market in January. At that time, if the Chinese had not yet found the contributions to satisfy Drogba, the situation could suddenly reopened. Juve knows this and that is why decided to start playing their cards. Which, however, are important because a previous contact, in difficult times, there was. 

source: tuttosport.com

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