This image, like many others, shows to all that this is the Strongest Group in Serie A!
Viareggio (Lucca), February 21, 2012 – Serene spirit, legs rested, joy and desire to run. After two days of rest Juve begins today the preparation for the great challenge of San Siro. Antonio Conte has scheduled a double session, likely tactic in the morning and athletics in the afternoon. The players will spend most of the day at Juventus Center in Vinovo and there will probably be able to review some of the tactical situations of the game against Catania that the coach did not like. Approaching the game at San Siro, Conte will try to return to the team that fluidity of play in the attack phase that came a little is lacking recently. In the last three league matches Juventus have scored only on a goal from action, among other things, generated by a clumsy pass of the goalkeeper of Catania. If it’s a good sign the renewed danger at free-kicks (Pirlo scored the first goal of the season directly from a free kick, Chiellini hit a post in Parma from a indirect free-kick), the fact remains that to Juve lacks not only goals but also the many occasions that used to create the first half of the season. 

Balance and shots on goal. From this point of view would be essential the growth of Marchisio and Vidal, who for months have been very good to do double-duty construction and interdiction, and often came from behind in the penalty area. A physiological decline, the opposite would have been strange and in recent games it seemed that Claudio and Arturo have begun the ascent towards the optimum condition as before. It’s likely that until Marchisio and Vidal will not be returned to the top, Juve continue to play with 3-5-2: in the 4-3-3 the area of field to cover is even more and at this delicate stage of the season Conte absolutely does not want that the team loses balance. Certainly a part of the training will be devoted to shots on goal: with a little more precision in some of the ten draws would become seasonal victories. And Juve had the opportunity to play at San Siro with a major advantage. That’s why for Vucinic, Matri, Quagliarella, Borriello, and Del Piero these days will be of lengthy exercises.

source: GdS by:G.B. Olivero 
adapted by: Mike Prise