JUVENTUS+4-3-3+2014Conte sees Juventus in this way: first, a team capable of jumping with ease between different modules. In particular, among the three-man defense, which was consolidated in the season that led to the second consecutive title, and one to four. Solution, the latter, the Juventus coach intends to propose more than anything else in the Champions League.

Bayern’s “Blame”, European champions after chopping also Juventus in quarter: deployed four in front of Neuer and especially with a large variety in offense (three central midfielders plus a striker). And so Conte insists on Ogbonna, after his transfer to Juventus called for since the arrival on the Juventus bench. Alternative to Bonucci and Chiellini in a central position, but also usable in the left wing of the defense. Field area that still needs to be further strengthened.


Maybe with one among Kolarov and Zuniga. With the Colombian that, compared to the Serbian, may cover several areas of the field. Capable of acting as both right and left of the defensive such as the median. Right in the middle of the field Conte has meanwhile made ​​it clear that the coming season will be the final launch of Pogba. In competition with Marchisio and not only. Central midfielder on left or right rather than central, the Frenchman has no trouble interpreting any role in the midfield.

The dream of Conte, in view of a attack in three, is seeing Juve with Tevez, Llorente and Jovetic. The Basque has already been taken, another will come. Marotta could also give the coach Salentine both Tevez and Jovetic, but only in case among  Matri, Quagliarella and Vucinic were at least in two to leave Turin.