prescriti’s federation of corrupted game

“Organic Dissociation” that was the argument made by Juventus in the process of Napoli and is save unless some written surprises in judgments,  this is the reason why Juventus has been pulled out of the process by not going to pay 120 million requested for damage by various clubs and organizations. 

 And because of this ruling, since it comes to liability, Juve will attack the FIGC that in 2006 punished too harshly the club: hence the request to get back the two league titles and a millionaire financial compensation. 

From this point of view here are the calculations made post Farsopoli :

Damage for players transferred with devaluation in 2006: – 121 million 
Lack of sponsors and advertising revenue: –21 million
Lack of radio and television revenue: –35 million
Lost stadium revenue: –10 million
Loss on the stock exchange: –53 million

 250 million in total

 source: tuttosport