Alessio: “We would like to thank the tifosi for their support and congratulations to the players for their performance. We wanted to win and we did it by playing a great game. Now, be careful not to relax, we know that nothing changes and that we must get our qualification in Donetsk. ”

Asamoah: “We knew that if we could put into practice what we had studied during training, we would hurt Chelsea and it was the case. We all played a great game and we won with merit. ”

Bonucci: “We have our say in Champions League: we had demonstrated it against Nordsjaelland and we confirmed it against the European champions. Now we must replunge with humility in the championship and then go to Donetsk to win the game. We only need a point, that’s true, but we are not a team that seeks sharing. Our extra weapon is aggressiveness. ”

Chiellini: “We have seen a great Juve, who played with the same intensity as in the last three games. After the defeat against Inter, we restarted to play great football. We have shown that playing in this way, we would have our say against any team. ”

Lichtsteiner: “I did not play for a while, but we can not always be on the pitch, especially a winger because it takes a lot of running. I played a good match, as the whole team and I am satisfied with my performance. Chelsea was a bit tired after hour of game, we played seventy minutes at high intensity and then we controlled the match. ”

Vidal: “I did not think that I could score too many goals, I must keep on, but the most important is that the team wins. I am happy to play with this team, in this stadium, in front of these magnificent tifosi. We played a very intelligent match. This is a strong signal to everyone, we are strong in Italy but also in Europe. ”


Adapted by: Shaman SuperVagabond (Mahmoud Mhirsi)