There is an error that Juventus should absolutely not commit between now and the end of the season, ie consider the fight against Roma finished and the Capitoline as a competitor who has nothing left to give seen the crisis of the past few weeks and results. Don’t get fooled be the Capitoline smoke, would be a huge mistake to make. Roma are fully aware that nothing yet is lost and with seven points behind, 17 games to play, and at a direct match to play in Rome we can say that everything is’ still open.

Apart from this we know that the Champions League will have repercussions on the physical level and we do not know however that the level of effort will put Roma in the Europa League. Added to this is that Garcia will soon have available Gervinho and Doumbia. If Gervinho we know that he can absolutely be an added value we think that even Doumbia can contribute since he’s been a player paid a much relevant figure.

We have to take it with pliers this advantage in the standings and definitely try to win the game on Saturday evening because winning with the Rossoneri and send even momentarily Rome to minus 10 would be a nice psychologically hit for the rivals.
Taking the commitment lightly, slowing down, put the brakes on games, consider the speech ended and listen to easy external triumphalism would be counterproductive because Juventus in the last two games has not impressed, and indeed against Milan serves a high level of performance.

Underestimating the Rossoneri and lose points could be extremely dangerous, making it less likely a target which now sees the Bianconeri widely favored.

adapted by Mike an article of Massimo Pavan @ tuttojuve