As Mister has already said we need to win this Game!  (foto from GDS)
TURIN, January 15, 2012 – Today, after almost a month, the Juventus Stadium reopens, with another full house. Conte will present the usual structure, less Chiellini (suspended). It’s up to Paolo De Ceglie, on which the technician vote confidence, “As a left-back is a certainty, he found himself on the bench just because of balance the team.” First call for Borriello, even if Conte thinks until the last minute, or so he says: “Marco is the first week that has been training with us, it is inevitable that he should work, because the condition is not on par with others. It will take time. “ If the inclination of the game allows, or requires, perhaps could make his debut. He will be the alternative to Matri, or vice versa, although the technician, there is no reason to exclude one or the other: “Everyone can play with everyone, the important thing is that they are functional to my idea.” 

source: La Stampa; by: Massimiliano Nerozzi 
adapted by: Mike Prise