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VINOVO (Turin), January 18, 2012 – You look at him and read everything in his eyes of what Antonio Conte claims: the desire to win, determination, self-esteem. Marco Borriello is at Juve from a few days, but there is as a king. A little character, because Marco is one who never feels at ease and has great confidence in himself. And a little because he understood that this is the last great opportunity of his career and definitely do not want to waste it. He still lives in the hotel because he has not yet found the right house: he is always very demanding and refined in furnishings as in clothing. He has not yet even have the company car and then park his car in the square of its sponsors and journalists. He found the breakfast bar close to the sports center of Juve: croissants are excellent and the girls working there are not at all sorry for the arrival of the new customer. He likes Turin, but it is mainly in the field that Borriello finds himself well. Is thrilled for Conte methods, is hungry not only for goals but also to work because Marco is not one that dribbles fatigue.. Far from it: he works and when is fed up with fatigue, as happened on Monday, is smiling and thinking at the time of the hardest workouts will give him the strength and brilliance to anticipate opponent’s defenders and score. 

Right away as a starter? In Rome, Borriello was training, but in a different way from what happens in Vinovo. Now he is recovering for lost time and probably will put him very little to catch up with teammates. Conte can not wait to be able to deploy from the first minute and these days will determine if he already will do it on Saturday in Bergamo. The question is related to his lower resistance compared to teammates. The coach demands absolute intensity and the impression is that for now, Marco strives to keep down the pace desired by Conte. The shooting took place yesterday at the athletic meeting, however, showed a good response. If he does not start playing at Bergamo, however, Borriello would be starter in Italy Cup on Tuesday in the match against Roma.  

Serene Alessandro. Meanwhile Alessandro Matri is not concerned about competition. Thanks to his 7 goals in the league has not lost his composure and is convinced that in the end will be able to convince Conte to bet on him. Matri experiences a athletic bending moment, absolutely understandable seeing the hard work in Dubai. Probably the legs of Juventus players will begin to melt by next week and with greater athletic freshness Matri will find again the excellent condition shown in the autumn. From the tactical point of view the differences between him and Borriello are clear: Matri has more race and depth, Marco participates more in the movement and is more powerful. 

Fabio recovers. Very different from the two teammates is Fabio Quagliarella, but Conte has proposed him so far as a striker. Yesterday Fabio was back on the field, but it is almost impossible that he should be available for Bergamo. After the operation on Monday, 9 for the reduction of the fracture of the right cheekbone there is a technical time of about two weeks before he can play with the mask. Also for Quagliarella the objective is the Italian Cup with Roma or the championship match with Udinese on January 28. Then for Conte will begin the hard choices and for the three attackers the race for a place that could also lead one of them directly to the European Championship. 

source: GdS; by: G.B. Olivero
adapted by: Mike Prise