Nice 2012 Calendar, isn’t it?
It’s now clear that the problems of Juventus do not reside either in midfield or on the wings, not alone on goal. The weak links are represented by central defender Bonucci and by attack little prolific, Matri excluded. Immediately, Conte will probably sit on the bench the defender, instead diverting Chiellini into his place, De Ceglie left-back, and right-back Caceres, smash of the winter market, never used after the magnificent performance against AC Milan in the Italian Cup. As for the attack, hoping to counter the lack of goals, Conte seems tempted by the pure trident composed by Vucinic and Quagliarella behind Matri, even if the end Pepe could be chosen that guarantees more BALANCE, with the Stabiese on the bench. 

If these defensive and offensive deficiencies seem can be managed, not without problems,in this season, with only the league and cup to face, in the near future, with a Champions to be played, hopefully, as protagonists, it is essential to set up a very good team, with at least one big in defense and one in attack. The objective for the defensive area could be Dede, who recently sent love messages towards Juventus Turin, and Ogbonna, with Conte first sponsor; will be probably also an attempt to Kolarov, who struggles to play with continuity to the City and would return willingly in Italy.  

For the attack, with Vucinic and Quagliarella who play the reaffirmation by the end of the season (5 goals in two), and Borriello who will almost certainly be sent back to Rome, the real affordable top player is Higuain, but of course expensive, leaves for not less than 25/30 million. Watch out for Torres and Suarez, cheaper (leave for 20 million), but also less reliable then the Argentine, from different points of view. Stays up the Damiao track, but probably too expensive for the guarantees he provides. 

With the money which will come from participation in the Champions League, but also from almost certain sells of Melo (8 goals already in Turkey) and Ziegler, as well as receivable from Krasic, Juve surely will do an attempt to Bale, even if the British do not have great need to sell, especially if they manage to finish fourth in the Premier. One thing is certain, will be a great Juve, with Conte as a guarantee . 

adapted by: Mike Prise