MILANO, October 10, 2011 – An analysis of the summer calendar is little more than a game because the only element that really makes a difference, as the form of the opponent when you meat with them, is also the only one which can’t be expected. But a careful reading of Juve games has emerged the possibility that the departure was rather quite simple, and therefore ideal for those who are rebuilding, and also need to regain self-esteem, and that the moment of truth should be framed by the computer between the two fall stops. And that is exactly what happened. 

 Good Loot. The beginning was soft thanks to the strike that has postponed the first day. Juve should have played Aug. 28 in Udine, with Friuli bitter about the elimination in the preliminaries of Champions but also physically in form respect the team of Conte. The complicated trip has been postponed until December 21. Juventus have started the season with four games well on the card with Parma and Bologna at home, out with Siena and Catania. The haul of eight points was discreet: would be enough the success against Bologna (almost touched despite the numerical inferiority for the entire second half) to give a more vivid color at the start of Juve. Mala ringing victory against AC Milan has put back the things right, allowing Conte to close with a broad smile the first mini-cycle. 

Terrible Cycle. Now, however, begins the month of truth. Five games in 22 days with a high degree of difficulty: There will be no time nor the opportunity to catch the breath, Juve will have to show always the intensity offered against AC Milan to reach the next stop still at the top. It starts Sunday with a trip which is usually insidious in Verona: Chievo has already beaten Napoli and is a team that gives you anything. He’s probably right who think that next Sunday, and not in the game against Milan, we will have the correct perception of the value of Juve. The Bianconeri will return later in their new home for two close encounters, and equally complicated for the quality of opponents: Genoa (Saturday 22) and Fiorentina (Tuesday 25) will not go on holiday in Turin. After two consecutive home games, that’s two trips in a row. And two terrible tests: against prescriti (Saturday 29th) and Naples (Sunday, November 6). Coming out of San Paolo, Juve will know with reasonable certainty an objective can pursue this season: whether the championship, qualifying for the Champions League or simply a better placing of last year’s disappointing seventh place, the answer will come after the direct comparison with the band of Mazzarri and Cavani. 

Easier Closure . Completed the terrible cycle, Juve can run slightly downhill until the end of the first half of the season: the tough games there will be , but will be interspersed with commitments theoretical (the Bianconeri would better not forget the lesson of Bologna) easier. Juve will challenge in order Palermo at home, out Lazio, Cesena in Turin, Romain away, Novara at home, Udinese at the Friuli. And in early 2012 Lecce away , Cagliari in Turin and Atalanta out. But long before these games will come the answers that the entire Juventus (company, coach, players, fans) are waiting: the game at San Paolo, Nov. 6. 

 source: La Gazzetta dello Sport 
 by: G.B. Olivero 
adapted by: Mike Prise