TURIN – Juventus followed Theo Walcott in Podgorica last night too: he and Gary Cahill were watched from England. A standard mission for Juventus that covers, with her observers, all international matches: on the other hand relations are already so many (at the game Udinese-Arsenal, personally seen by Fabio Paratici ) and, overall, a talent like that has no secrets. 

The DREAM – About the London wing in Corso Ferraris they know everything: technical qualities, character traits and growth margins inevitable at twenty-one. What they’re trying to figure out is whether the failure to renew the contract under the influence his desire to leave Arsenal: in this case, to Beppe Marotta would fit the auction immediately, however, trusting in a controlled price because the end of the contract. The node is in relationship with the Gunners in a move that can be strategic in order to gain strength to deal with a new club, or a mirror of real distress, linked to the reorganization of the team, the fifteenth in the Premier League after seven rounds. 

The DOUBTS – Sources close to the club describe Walcott dubious about the project and not randomly about Arsene Wenger, to extend this reflection to Robin Van Persie and Thomas Vermaelen, is worried: “Our best offer might not be enough to keep them.” Feelings, moreover, were added yesterday, the cold words of agent Colin Gordon, urged by their own indiscretions about Juventus. “They never called me” cuts short the manager at calciomerca­to. it, however, before a specific question about the future of his client: “If he stays at Arsenal next year? I do not know, we’ll see … “. Another crack in the increasingly slim hopes of the managing director Ivan Gazidis, not to mention that the manager just excludes the arrival of those reinforcements to dispel the concerns of the talents on the run: “Every club has the temptation to spend to solve problems, but this only reduces the pressure on the moment: then accentuated in other ways. ” 

source: Corriere dello Sport