18 years old striker Francesco Grandolfo belongs now 50% to Juventus, but will play one season for those from Bari

Juventus secured 50% of owner rights of young and promising striker Francesco Grandolfo. Juve’s officials and those of Bari reached an agreement for joint ownership of the player at a meeting held last week at Ata Hotel Executive to discuss mainly about the situation of Almiron. Agreement between the two clubs requires young Grandolfo to remain another year in Bari, and then to come to Turin.

Does not happen often that a player of 18 years in Serie A debut as a starter and score a hattrick. It happened to Francesco Grandolfo: after Antonio Cassano, Bari can now launch a new talent in Italian football. 

The young player is born in Castellana Grotte, but raised in Casamassima, two cities in Bari province, where he started playing football as a child. Remains one year at Casamassima before coming back to Pro Inter Bari, the team from the past for Antonio Cassano. Reaching the senior team of Bari, Grandolfo evolved in Primavera championship, where he scored 16 goals in 23 presents and after the mathematical relegation of Bari , the coach Bortolo Mutti gave him an opportunity to start in Serie A in a match against Palermo, with three stages before the final, when he entered the field in the last minutes of play, replacing Norwegian Huseklepp. 

Several minutes received in successive game in the derby against Lecce, sent on the field with 30 minutes before the final whistle. Finally, at the last stage of the championship, the young Grandolfo is a starter striker and marking three goals against those of Bologna, becoming the first player in the history of Bari who managed to score three away goals, in a match the Serie A.  

16 goals in 23 games with 3 goals in 3 spring and the first team games are one of the strikers figures considered to be among the most talented and promising in Italy. And in season 2012/2013 Francesco Grandolfo will have the opportunity to putting their skills to Juventus.