TURIN, May 10, 2012 – from words to actions: Giuseppe Marotta is working. Tuesday said it without half terms, providing further confirmation to what was already unofficially leaked: “It is not a heresy, we like Van Persie.” And now Beppe is considering, meditating, working on timing and modalities to be adopted to put the Dutch champion at the disposal of Antonio Conte in an black and white organic that really could aspire to a leading player in the next Champions League. 

DIPLOMACY The beauty, among other things, is that Marotta was also taken care to emphasize that “we do not want interfere with anyone, is still an Arsenal player.” Demonstration, that last sentence, to begin with the fact that the club Corso Galileo Ferraris is clearly determined to do things right, absolutely in accordance with and subject to the other party, but also – needless to ignore – the fact that it uses well diplomatic art to increase the chances of success … Yeah, because the question Van Persie is far from easy: even if the captain decides not to renew with the Gunners, remain of ownership until 2013. That’s why it’s important not overly annoy Arsène Wenger, if anything lure him with an offer worthy, possibly – in the Juve optics – including some technical counterpart: Milos Krasic for example, in limit Sebastian Giovinco (if he were to return to the base and if Arsenal would get stuck ) 

STRATEGIES The natural evaluation of Van Persie theoretically would be around in share around 35-40 million euros, but the impending expiry of the contract (ergo the risk of losing the player on a free transfer in a year) requires Arsenal to scale down the figures. In contrast, however, it is impossible to ignore the existence of other top clubs interested Oranje striker. Real Madrid and Barcelona have made him a little thought. While Manchester recording a double assault: by both the United and by the City. Certainly, though, that after the thousand proclamations of affection to the club (“Wherever I go, I will always feel a Gunner”), the captain would prove very inconsistent going to marry just at another English club, historically rival of Arsenal for the most prestigious trophies. And even on this aspect Juventus points, especially given that from an economic standpoint it would be hard take knock if it an auction would create upwards. 

TWISTS But, by the way, Manchester City and of upwards auctions and Pharaonic offers, takes over on stage the sensational proposal for renewal of contract that Roberto Mancini would be next to receive. While this impressive extension agreement would end up giving more force to the demands of the technical (and for him, as to Conte, Van Persie is the top preference), on the other current affairs brings back the possibility of a transfer of Carlos Tevez in Turin. There is no mystery that Mancio and Apache poorly bear (their lawsuits, fines, as the waste has characterized the entire season) and the possibility of Argentine transfer had been set aside only when the difficulties of City had shake the bench of the Italian coach. Now that the bench is stronger, well, (s) sell of Tevez is given for … granted. It should be remembered  that in this regard Marotta and sporting director Fabio Paratici have already had occasion to meet – on several occasions – both managers of Van Persie and those of Tevez. The likes of Van Persie and Tevez, in short, are the first in a list of the top players, which also includes Luis Suarez, Edin Dzeko and Gonzalo Higuain

source: Tuttosport (by Fabio Riva) 
adapted by: Mike Prise