TURIN, May 14, 2012 – Another star is risen in the sky of Juventus and is not a passing comet, since it will end up on the jersey for next season. With all due respect for the federal president Giancarlo Abete that while the celebration of Juventus explodes, attacks underlining the line of the 28 league titles. It must be said that very day in which Juventus chooses more sober a profile, no proclamations, and without ostentation (at the official level) no symbolism calling the 30th or the third star, jars an attack of the federal president. Especially after the invitation to the good sense of CONI president Petrucci and in light of the fact that Juventus won the Scudetto with 9 Italian in the field and 7 Azzurri called for Europeans. But inspired by the microphones of RAI (“President, the Juventus badges are 28, right?”), Abete goes down hard. 

TELESCOPE And from Juventus, from son of Umberto (the inventor of the star) will leave the initiative of a third star. Because the Bianconeri go ahead and insert the three stars in the logo which will also become the symbol of the Stadium. And in these days of feverish preparations, have updated the rooms of the museum with the number 30 which stands a little everywhere. Perhaps because of this, Thursday Abete will remain at home, bypassing the inauguration of the J-Musem, to which has been invited. The third star, possibly, will see through the telescope. 

source: Tuttosport (by Guido Vaciago)
adapted by: Mike Prise