After a year full of joys and some sorrows I decided that taking a vacation in Italy is the best thing to do…

Strange or not, I was there among Italians when they’ve won with England and Germany (beautiful memories), and arrived home to watch the final with Spain, we all know how that ended. 

But let me get back to my article, the season 2011-12 gave us, Juventini all over the world, the most beautiful and unexpected Scudetto in Juve’s history. We were coming after 2 dissappointing years, and after a mercato session not that brilliant, and with a young coach who wasn’t telling much for most of us. Although I haven’t followed Antonio as a coach I was full of confidence when last year I wrote this.

In life if you decide to do anything, you try to do it as best as you can. And Antonio did just that. He didn’t believe that he could win the Scudetto from the first year (as a proof is the lack of Scudetto bonus from his contract) but he believed in his Hard Work. 

Italian National team this year, as Prandelli recently admitted, like in the past concentrated it’s entire game on Juventus players, and by doing so rewarding the fabulous work done by Antonio Conte. Prandelli wasn’t wrong by doing so and Italy reached the Final and playing a very good European despite the tragic ending. Italy unlike so many other years played a beautiful football and by doing so eliminated teams like England and Germany. 

Italians must be proud of their National team and take the positive aspects of this European.

Getting back to Juventus, what has changed? How was this possible? How come only 4 inputs (Lichtsteiner, Pirlo, Vidal and Vucinic) in the first team were sufficient to conquer the 30 Scudetto and with it the 3 Star? (fuck you FIGC btw)

Well in my humble opinion the most important moves that Juventus has done were this: New athletic staff Juve and after this comes this: Pirlo’s arrival and appointing  this man  as Head Coach to a team that has lost it’s identity after huge mistakes done during/after Farsopoli. And of course not to forget the beautiful JUVENTUS STADIUM

The Season started home with Parma, and so closing the Circle began on January 6, 2011 with a 1-4 defeat against the same team (which was the beginning of the END of Del Neri and his team).

Juventus trashed Parma with a mirror 4-1, in a game that has highlighted since the very beginning the future key people of the next season: Conte, Pirlo, Marchisio, Vidal.… 


 And then why the sorrows?

Well first because Del Piero had to leave although he didn’t want to do that and although in my humble opinion still had the necessary resources to play one more year for Juventus

The second disappointment was that we have ended this Outstanding Season with a defeat in the Italian Cup Final.

And finally the last disappointment, is that Italy’s beautiful European tournament had to end like this. Our Juventini (Bonucci and Pirlo’s tears were extremely moving) and Prandelli also didn’t deserved this ending.

 BUT…. Juventini all over the world, don’t EVER forget, we are fans of the first UNDEFEATED team in Italy’s history that has won Scudetto with 20 teams. UNBELIEVABLE!

 What to expect from the 2012-13 season?

 Well…. the Mercato had a promising start but we are still waiting for that TOP Player, or much simple, the Striker who can score more then 20 goals per season.

 Why everyone insists on this matter? if you ask me because playing the UCL is not a piece of cake and playing every single 3 days (considering Juve is in 3rd spot in the UCL group) will eat a lot of energy from our players. And so we will have some games when we won’t be able to play at 200% like we did almost the entire last season. And then you will need that kind of player, who can score a goal and win a game when maybe you haven’t played that well.

 That’s why it’s imperative that Juventus transfers a Striker of 20+ goals. I repeat it is IMPERATIVE!

 Who will be this Striker? Well, we have a summer ahead of us to find out, because the big deals are always done in the last days of the Mercato.

Fino alla fine Forza Juventus! in goal!

 by: Mike Prise