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Mission accomplished. Scabby, mangy, physically strong opponent dropped dramatically in the second half and not equipped with excellent technical quality. This served yesterday, bring home the victory, become the absolute protagonist of its own destiny. The game of Malmo said several things:

1) in Europe you can never think of managing the result and the match;

2) If you are stronger than the opponent, and you know to be, you have to make it clear what will be the course;

3) Juventus must dramatically improve the clarity on the frontline: too many potential opportunities have remained as for wrong choices and frantic

4) Pogba will not have price when will repeat his games in Champions as in Italy: a speech that is not just about the goals, but that includes several wrong passes that one with his class you can safely avoid;

5) Vidal wants to split the world: pays this desire and physical condition is not yet optimal. As playmaker still arouses perplexity;

6) You have to know how to kill the match;

7) When the midfielders and attackers continue to change position, widening and lengthening the field they create passing lanes freeing occasions:

8) Field it matters a little: in the first half lacked intensity, pace, aggression, movement without the ball. Too much haste excessive frenzy at startup maneuver. The technique and the class, definitely higher than that of the Swedes, also serves to manage control, dose strength in the passages, pay great attention to the rebounds. Ask in any case Tevez on the goal.

9) This victory could give confidence that served, but the margins of improvement are still high;

10) Allegri seems to be aware of this. And yet the same players.

PS: The green shirts do not bring bad luck, but you can not see them.

PS2: Marchisio increasingly at the center of the Juventus of Allegri.

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