Juventus Borussia Champions League
Juventus Borussia Champions League

The game tonight is one of those that remains inside in your mind, one that everyone wants to live and play.
Is the way that is leading to big victories, is one of those games that you can recount to your children, one of those which remain in the pages of the books. We are only in the second round but the story begins here, if you want to write a page of history of Juventus it takes a great first act and then live out a second leg towards qualification.
The game requires all the possible actors and then there will be the big players like Buffon, Pirlo. Vidal, Pogba and Tevez. They are the guides that could change the recent history, because they are the most feared, most respected, players who can make a difference. Who with parades, who with the passes, who with a free kick, who with their insertions and will to fight, who with his shot from outside and finally those with inventions of number ten.
Is one of those games that does not allow errors, one of those games for Champions.
Juventus and Borussia put their forces in the field, for a night to remember we need everyone.

adapted an article from tuttojuve.com