Luciano Moggi on his column in Libero wrote his usual article this time explaining the reasons behind Juventus success.

“In sport, particularly in football, wins who knows how to work better than others, win those leaders who know how to maintain healthy economic management of their company. The current fashion of those who can not, who “get along” instead of always being “on the piece” and complain of those who do know and live their commitment with a sense of duty, without waste and with the respect that all sportsmen deserve.

The moment that crosses the Italian football is not the best. There is who wins 4 consecutive years the Italian title (Juventus), who the Italian Cup (Juventus), who goes and plays the final of Champions (Juventus). Behind … the desert, especially when you consider that the second classified in Serie A ended with 17 points and the other we do not know how much. Yet these last are to complain about trying to make people believe that Juve wins because can spend and not just because it “knows how to administer.” We, good witnesses, we point out that the sound management of the economy club derives from the results that it knows how to produce: win in Italy and go far in Europe means attracting new sponsors and collect substantial TV rights. And the others? They watch and complain. So we are to say that the current football is in shortage of managers that know how to combine the sporting results with economic ones avoiding failures and budgets in striking red.

The consequences among other things are reflected on the transfer-market.

This is the real reason why Juve dominates and continues to win: does not reply to criticism, is able to buy the best young Italians (Sturaro, Berardi, Rugani, Zaza and Gabbiadini, then guiltily sold to Napoli); others instead plunge of foreign second-hand that, in addition to not give anything as to quality, are the bane of our football because they prevent young people from growing. If anyone is not convinced of what we are writing is invited to scroll through the formations of the past season, in particular those companies more quoted that should contend the titles at Juventus. “They should,” just …”